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Welcome to our site my name is Bob O’Donnell, President of CapVance, a nationwide provider of loan  programs for business owners who are credit card merchants. Over the years, we have funded many high risk merchant business owners and when asked what is most important the message is consistent, lowest cost of money, provide the highest funding amount when needed, sincere  personal service, and meeting the requirement not to change processors. Yes, we listened and adhere to these fundamental items when we provide  high risk merchant funds and our services for you.

Business Types We Fund

The lowest cost of money!

The fact of the matter is you want the lowest rate, am I right?  Our commitment is to provide you the lowest rate available for a high risk merchant advance no matter what your business scenario is.

The highest funding amount of money, if needed!

Depending on your needs, CapVance will provide a merchant the most amount of working capital proportionate to the business gross revenue.

Superior personal service!

Providing my 26 years of commercial lending experience I personally discuss your funding needs matching you up with the right program that will best service your business. Even if you have poor or a bad credit history that is OK. No salesmen, no middlemen, just the sincere desire to see you get the lowest costing merchant or business advance, fast!

Keep you with your current merchant provider!

We are a funding company not a merchant service provider. If you are happy with your current merchant processor than stay with them!

Just a couple more things for you to consider why you should choose CapVance for your business advance:

  • No application fees.
  • No commitment fees.
  • No closing costs.
  • Average time to closing, 6 days!
  • From consultation to closing you get up to the minute status on your application. 

What is the cost of the money?

To answer this accurately we have to understand that not all business cash advances are equal. Unlike a small business loan, terms for a merchant or business cash advance can vary from company to company based on a lot of factors such as, personal credit rating, type of business, and how long you have been open. Our lowest merchant factor cost is 1.16 or $1,600.00 for every $10,000.00 advanced.    A well qualified merchant can be assured lowest working ital cost of funds. CapVance guarantees not to be beat! our guaranty  

What upfront or closing costs will there be?

None what so ever! Should a company require any upfront or closing costs for merchant loan you should immediately stop doing business with them. This is not industry standard. 

How much time is available to repay a merchant advance?

There is no set period only hypothetical time based on a mathematical equation to estimate a business cash advance payback period. The lower the cost of money the faster the payback period. Usually, 6 to 8 months, 12 months maximum.  

What is the hold back percentage?

The hold back percentage amount is the percentage taken from each credit card transaction then allocated towards the repayment of the business advance. Lower the hold back is better. You should carefully examine what impact this will have on overall business cash flow. Typically, hold back percentages range from 5% to 20%.  

What are the minimum requirements?

Vance realizes that owning a business means you sacrifice many things in life, often your credit! We have the lowest cost of money for all credit levels This should never hold you back from getting a merchant loan.

  • Credit score above 500, the higher the better
  • Not Currently in Bankruptcy
  • Poor and Bad Credit OK
  • Current on Business Rent or Mortgage
  • Processing credit cards $5,000 minimum per month
  • Business open for 6 months or longer
  • Use the funds with a return on investment in mind