Financing & Merchant Cash Advance for Hospitality industry


Any kind of business needs a continuous inflow of money for survival. Larger businesses have a sound financial planning and backup. On the other hand, small business entities have an ever- existing problem of working capital. They need Unconventional Funding Solutions, as they try to expand and sustain in the highly competitive market.

Typical financial institutions and banks decline them bank loans as many small businesses are considered to come in the high-risk category. The important thing is that these businesses, have a sustainable business plan and they do earn money but it is not enough to fulfill a seasonal requirement of cash. For example, a catering business may need a big amount of money to fulfill the basic inventory in place for a wedding season. But their past credit history may be negative and banks may refuse to give them a loan.

On the other hand, Merchant Cash Advance will be a great idea as it is given against repayment from the future credit card sales.

Situations where MCA and BCA can help

Banks and other financial institutions work completely on the basis of credit history. They refuse loan when they think that the business belongs to a high-risk category or approve a loan at a very high rate of interest. But in such situations BCA and MCA can help:

  1. The bad credit history of the owner or the negative personal credit card history does not matter.

  2. Bankruptcy is an aspect that prevents banks from giving a loan again, yet MCA looks ahead at a positive future plan and gives the much-needed impetus.

  3. If you have had multiple NSF, even then you can qualify for the MCA or BCA

  4. Even if there are multiple liens against the business account, the company can get this credit help against the future receivables.

Loan purpose

Small businesses fight a continuous battle against fund crunch just to survive and expand slowly. They need working capital at short notice, for many reasons even to continue their daily operations or seasonal exigencies. It could be for any of the following reasons:

  1. Buying Equipment or Repair/ upgrade

  2. New Products or Services

  3. Inventory for the business to fulfill seasonal increased requirements

  4. Business Expansion/ renovation/ opening new location

  5. Advertising, Marketing

  6. Paying salaries or hiring some employees.

  7. Tax Purposes

  8. Sudden emergencies

How much money can you get?

The amazing aspect of this kind of funding is that there is no fixed limit on the kind of help you can get. If the amount is not enough for an urgent need then the lenders may even consider 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Positions as they understand the needs of a small company. As long as the borrower can show a good plan for future and the funders can see with certainty that the borrowing company will indeed be able to pay for their credit card sales.

The amount may be anything from 5000, 10000 to 50000 Dollars, depending upon loan terms and requirement of working capital.

Repayment is very easy

There is neither a fixed term of repayment nor fixed amount to be repaid every month. The repayment is based on a method called credit card factoring. Most of these small businesses do not have fixed income and yet they do have regular money coming in. So every time there is a sale and some income is there, a small amount goes towards the repayment of the credit card itself. This is also one factor that is considered before approving the monetary advance, that you do have a good potential income coming through.

These could be seasonal incomes, like during Christmas, or wedding seasons, when catering businesses have a good amount of demand. Rest of the year they do not need many employees or inventory. But during specific periods during a year, they need to hire people and buy more resources to fulfill the increased demand. They can use the MCA and repay it through the sales happening immediately. This arrangement works for small businesses. The banks and large institutions may refuse a loan, even if they have a good potential as the past record may not be good or if the person had a bad credit record or high NSF.


There are many benefits of using MCA or alternative business finance solutions. Our company is a well-known name in this arena of alternative business solutions. We can guarantee you financial assistance without a guarantee.

Here are some of the advantages that we can provide, when you come to us.

  1. You can use the money without constraint. Once we approve the money, you can use it any aspect related to the business. It can be used to pay a previous credit, expansion or payroll or for inventory.

  2. Pre-qualification is done within 24 hours. We approve the advance and the amount is credited to your account as quickly as possible, as we realize the urgent requirement of money.

  3. We do not need any collateral or guarantee. The loan is approved against future receivables and so past records are also not so important.

  4. There is no application fee and we do not charge any processing fee. Our charges are recovered from the amount being repaid. Interest Rates are also very competitive and as low as possible.

  5. The repayment is also conveniently planned so that a small business does not have to feel the pressure of repayments and a fixed time if they do not have enough money. They pay only when they make a sale. Some amount of the credit card receivable is deducted and credited to our account.

  6. The entire process is completely automatic. There are no reminders, and no pressure from us to repay the loan. As you expand and earn more, we get repaid sooner.

  7. Our approval rates are very high as we do not worry about the past financial records, bankruptcy or credit score.

All we think about is a viable business plan. A business that shows good potential is eligible to get some financial backing. Small businesses find it really difficult to get some money as they may not even be aware of such alternative solutions and traditional financing institutes do not favor them.

So if you are wondering where to go for a short-term alternative financing solution then check our website and you will find a customized solution for your monetary needs.

"CapVance will  save  our client  money without sacrificing  quality service  that is how  we have a  client for life"-                                                                                                                                                                 Bill O'Donnell, CEO and President