Bank Loan for Construction Companies, Contractors, Landscapers, Plumbers, Flooring, Roofers, Electrician, carpenters, Home Remodelling, Home Builders, Interior Design, architects


There are huge corporate construction companies, that can easily finance any big venture easily. On the other hand, small construction companies, that are newly established or ones which deal in small projects, like landscaping, remodeling, designing and interior or repair work like plumbing etc., find it very difficult to get any bank loan from financial institutions. The banks consider such businesses under high-risk category and either denies them outright or charge very high interest rates and that too only against collateral.

The other alternate funding solution which is known as the Merchant Cash Advance and which assures and works as an aid when needed. In truth, people who are a part of the construction business, like Construction companies, Contractors and Landscapers are not only eligible but also easily qualify for the MCA and business funding.

Do you have a bad credit history?

It is a set of the unshackled loan and there is no assurance hooked. Infact the credit history and the credit scores are not considered too important. So, in spite of having a poor credit or high NSFs, one can qualify and achieve a BCA. The application process is easy and quick, approval rates are high and an advance is approved under following conditions also:

  1. Bad credit history

  2. Lien

  3. Bankruptcy in the past

  4. Multiple NSF

A reason is that the MCA and BCA look at the future of the company and not at the past financial history. So if you have a good plan in place and are able to show that there are many projects in your kitty and you will be receiving money for the same then you can easily get this finance approved.

Purpose of investment

As far as MCA and BCA are concerned, these are given without any restriction on their usage.You can get the Business Funding approved easily for any reason, concerned with your business.

  1. A small business may have seasonal requirements. Buying or renting equipment for a project

  2. Repair or Replacement of tools/ equipment

  3. New Products or Services

  4. Inventory of the raw material and tools.

  5. Business Expansion/ new projects, etc. where the money will come in only when you finish your work while you may need money before starting the project itself.

  6. Advertising/ Marketing/ banners and flyers for a seasonal upsurge in the business.

  7. Paying the salary to employees/ hiring new people or temporary labour for a project.

  8. Some old debt settlement or for tax payment.

  9. Emergency payment or any other business related payments.

  10. It can help to pay revolving credit or some past dues to be cleared urgently.

Funding options

When a bank gives a loan it is at a higher rate of interest. Here the options are many. You can avail 2ndposition or 3rdposition and even up to 6thposition without any collateral and it is an amazing facility for fledgling businesses which are already struggling and trying to borrow working capital from reasonable lenders.

As far as the amount is concerned, a small business can avail of these Unsecured Business Loans, for different amounts depending upon their receivables on the credit card. In a bank loan, the amount is decided based on the eligibility and collateral and guarantee. These Alternative Funding Solutions, are available from 5K, onwards, 10K, 15K even up to 50K. The only important aspect that needs to be scrutinized is the amount that is possible to be earned by your company in the short term and long term.

Easy process

The process of getting this Bank Loan Alternatives is very easy. The small businesses and entrepreneurs who are just starting out can approach any institution providing Business Funding. They do not need much time to process the loan as very easy documentation is needed. They consider Credit Card Factoring. This effectively means that they will not consider your past debit record. Remember even if you have a bad record, it is alright. After all, a business should look forwards while learning from the past mistakes. So you cannot keep worrying about a past record of high NSF. We must realize that businesses are volatile and unpredictable. If for some reason you had multiple NSF, that should not prevent you from taking up new projects, due to lack of funds.

This is where Small Business Financing comes in. These funders are aware of the market conditions and work in a highly competitive market. The factor rate may be high just like the loan interest rate, but as there is no collateral, it is still easy to get this unsecured loan approved in an easy way.

The most favorable aspect is that there is no fixed tenure or fixed amount of money to be repaid every week or month. Sometimes the income is variables and fluctuates between seasons or due to other reasons beyond the control of the borrower. The lender gives the money to be recovered from the credit card receivables. This means that every time the business earns money and some money come from the credit card account, a small percentage is deducted and goes to the lender. There is no loan term as such. This can make the borrowing company relax and focus on its work better. This kind of arrangement can work for bot short term and long term tenures.


Small business financing is a different ball game altogether. A person just starting out needs all the encouragement and financial help as he cannot compete against the big corporate companies and it is difficult to get unsecured Business Loans. Construction companies and related small businesses need to have a solid financial backup plan in place, as this work is unpredictable. There might be a sudden influx of projects and then the companies need to get more inventory of raw material and hire more people. Then there are times when the projects may be less in number. So when they need money for a project it is always urgent and has to be arranged immediately. They need an alternative to a bank loan, that too without guarantee. MCA and BCA take care of such requirements as these are easy processes and can be approved very easily in a short span of time.

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