Is Financing Hindering The Growth Of Your Automotive Business?


We are one of the most trusted small business financing sources for a variety of large and small business. Our prompt services guarantee the return of our borrowers from time to time to avail the necessary working capital. We offer all kinds of business funding to our clients when they require it, at the most flexible interest rates and loan terms. Thus, irrespective of whether the business plan is short term or long term, we have the perfect solution for all.

Our aim is to provide all, both large and small business to borrow funds needed to sustain their business requirements with no collateral involved. We also provide bank loan alternatives at reasonable factor rate and offer revolving credit to good clients. Our alternative funding solutions and commercial loans are best in the industry. We also offer good working capital limits, which is approved instantly.

One of the best things that our clients have experienced by working with us is that we do not require our client to have a high credit score unlike traditional banks that seek a complete credit history.

Bad Credit OK!

There are several factors that place an automotive merchant under the high-risk category. Some of which are:

  • Accepting online payments

  • Outstanding tax liens

  • Poor credit rating that is below 500

  • Facing bankruptcy

However, we do not turn anyone who knocks our doors. We offer systematic solutions to deal with the above problems and help businesses rise again. Bad credit OK is what makes us approachable, as we believe that businesses should grab all opportunities to overcome the changing economic times. Thus, we work with the agenda to approve maximum requests in the least possible period.

Business Funding in the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is growing at a fast pace and so are the financing requirements for this small business. The best option for automotive industry catering to auto repairs, used car dealership, car repairs, car wash, auto collision center and auto parts suppliers at the distributor, wholesaler or retailer level is to go in for MCA (Merchant Cash Advance). MCA (Merchant Cash Advance) is guaranteed to kick-start the automotive business in this highly competitive world.

We understand that the automotive industry is a risky one, which faces different challenges every time. Thus, we ensure to provide a simple and hassle-free experience to all customers. We even provide suitable recommendations that are business specific, for example, increase working capital, avail credit card factoring, employ skilled and efficient staff, reorganize the management structure and many more.

MCA (Merchant Cash Advance) program is unique when compared to a bank loan. It is not a solution offered by traditional funders or conventional lenders like banks. We are experts in this field and accept as many as applications as possible.

How can MCA (Merchant Cash Advance) be of use in the automotive industry?

If you are wondering how availing an MCA (Merchant Cash Advance) will improve your business, then have a look at the following reasons:

  1. Invest your funds in new equipment needed for your repair shop

  2. Invest your working capital in tools for efficient operation of the auto repair or car wash shop

  3. Use the business funding to hire new staff in the automotive repair business such as a highly skilled technicians

  4. Use funds to create and manage new openings or opportunities for the business by investing in advertising and marketing

  5. Devote the borrowings in expansion and growth of the business in new locations

These are just a few of the recommendations on how you can use your business funding. Ultimately, the choice is yours and the best way to decide on how to spend your funds is by planning and charting out the business needs.

How to decide between a bank loan and an MCA (Merchant Cash Advance)?

A bank loan is available for all businesses including automotive businesses. Features of a bank loan include:

  • Fixed repayment loan terms mostly monthly installments

  • Fixed interest rates

  • Lending limit is between $5 thousand and $500 thousand

Additionally, you are required to oblige to certain mandatory eligibility criteria such as

  • Well-established and profitable venture

  • Operation dates back to over a year

  • Steady income

  • Consistent revenue

  • High credit score

  • No records of past tax lien or bankruptcy

  • No high NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds)

MCA (Merchant Cash Advance) on the other hand is a process by which business sells a part of its future credit card sales in order to avail advance cash. Here, funders purchase a small portion of the impending credit or debit card sales to reclaim the lending amount by mutually agreeing to a certain percentage of the total credit card sales the company makes.

Advantages of MCA (Merchant Cash Advance) include:

  • No fixed repayment loan terms

  • No collateral assurance

  • Pay the borrowing sum as a percentage of daily credit card sales

  • Flexible loan terms

  • Bad credit OK

  • High NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) acceptable

  • Maximum funds that you can borrow will vary between $5 thousand to $500 thousand

Eligibility criteria will include:

  • Steady deposits

  • Decent sales history

Business Funding Terms

MCA (Merchant Cash Advance) and BCA (Business Cash Advance) financings provide funds with various low and high-level positions including 1st position, 2nd position, 3rd position, 4th and 5th position. Based on the performance, a small business can even seek 6th position cash advance. 2nd position, 3rd position, 4th and 5th position cash advances are readily available for automotive businesses looking to expand in the current or new locations.

Additionally, our small business financing offers funds in different dominations based on merchant needs. Our dollar increments for small business financing and funding are available in amounts such as 5k (5000), 10k (10000), 15k (15000), 20k (20000), 25k (25000), 30k (30000), 50k (50000), 75k (75000), 100k (100000), 200k( (200000), 250k (250000) and 500k (500000).


Thus, you can approach us for any business funding. Whether you are looking for bank loan alternatives, unsecured loans, commercial loans or any other unsecured business loans, our alternative funding solutions will have provide you with the right funding either in the form of MCA (Merchant Cash Advance) or BCA (Business Cash Advance) for all businesses even those with poor credit or high NSF (Not Sufficient Funds). Rest assured we do not charge any hidden costs. For any queries or feedback, our customer support is always at your service.

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