Simple and Fast Funders-Business Financing and Merchant Cash Advances


In a tight credit market, there are many funding options which businesses go to fund their requirements, though it may seem easy at first, it proves extremely difficult later, which holds true for the fast-growing and sometimes tricky new product for companies. We have built a meaningful connection that allows us to provide a wide variety of funding options too, our lending sources are well utilized to secure funding for your business.

What is Merchant Cash Advance-MCA

This form of finance grants a firm governor who obtains credit card premiums or other payments or receivable emerges to acquire prepayment on a regular basis to fund business merchant account. It is conventionally not considered as credit, but relatively an advanced oriented on the future revenue or sale of a firm.

Our Services

We offer funding solutions to:

  • Small businesses can approach for an MCA and have advance amount deposited in its account faster.

  • The amount advanced is usually less than $150,000 often within a week, without the amount of paperwork for bank loans.

  • As a merchant, we can pay back the principal, plus a small fee which is typically 25% of the total amount advanced

  • We can collect the money from the portion of the credit card sales, till the debt is paid, without hurting the business growth.

  • For a quick way to fund the business, we fund during a cash flow emergency.

As MCA providers we offer a quick and easy way to for tenure to suit the client requirements. As funding merchant, providing accessible solutions to different businesses, lenders have different options to fund the working capital requirements. With our products ranging wide, you can get anywhere from $5000-$ 1,000,000 in funding your business and have your account in a very short time. Our online application is simple and has more than 50 second decisions, free with no other obligations. Apply online or call us now to find the best funding solution for your new enterprise or established business.

Why choose us?

Business owners choose us over many other financers for their business as we cater to various manufacturing and other service-based industries including:

  • Automotive

  • Construction

  • Beauty Salons

  • Hospitality & Hotels,

  • Dental

  • Restaurants

  • Retail

  • Medical & healthcare

  • Manufacturing

  • Transportation

Our customized funding solution can accelerate and cater to the needs of any of the above businesses, and funding can be arranged within two business days or shorter time.The capital available can be used to fund the existing business, adding a new line of product to the business, buy stocks to increase the supply chain, revamp or refurbish your existing enterprise, the list could be anything which is possible to be funded.

How does Business Cash financing work?

Alternative ways to fund unsecured cash advance, for businesses that have been turned down for a loan from the banks, have this source for fast business capital ranging from $2500 to $500,000. Bad credit, the timing of the business or even a small loan request may be the cause to avail loans from traditional banks. Small business funding can help owners of the business which are not large and help them meet their financial requirement regardless of their situation. There are different varieties of BCA, most common being the merchant cash advances.

What do lenders look for, before giving business loans?

The strong factors which determine the lending process for a business are to understand the requirement and fulfill certain basic details in the loan application.

  1. Annual Revenue

    : This is the most essential and important part of the loan application, as more the revenue more amount can be sanctioned for a loan, the link between the revenue and loan is rule of thumb before going for funding options, as 8-12% of the annual revenue qualifies for the loan, which set the expectation for the size of the loan, which we believe is good to start with.

  2. Current debts

    : when it comes to loans for bad credit, it is always better for us to know who else we will be working with to understand all the current obligations. You need not worry in case you are as a business in the process of paying back a small loan, we as funding specialist will help you to qualify for a 2nd position to the other lender. We are confident as second position lenders if you have your financials to back the loan, and are credit worthy to refinance your debts with us.

  3. Cash flow:

    We want to know how well the cash flow of your business is planned to meet the financial requirements as and when it crops up, with good cash in hand and a three month business bank statement we are good to go and do the necessary workaround to help as small businesses to get the funding. If you have a history of high NSF’s well the wait maybe for a few months before applying for a bad credit small business loan, as we will be extra careful in handling your financing request without any surprises for you in the last leg of procuring a loan for refinancing your business and make it sure lender friendly.

  4. Profitability:

    As a lender, we would like to know how profitable the business is current, which qualifies quickly for a bad credit loan.

  5. Past history:

    Your personal credit score is important for us, as we will have an assurance about the repayments to happen continuously as a business for which financing is required, financial past is a must for every lending institution to understand its client best and help them to choose customized solution for their funding options when it comes to financing poor credit or bankrupt small businesses. Few years out of the bankruptcy and you are eligible to apply as a businessman for a fresh loan. If you have a foreclosure business just we will ensure there are no red flags or a tax lien on the business report. Do not worry about it as or financial experts will walk you through and suggest a way out for meeting your requirements, considering all the above factors.

Now that after an understanding of the business, a bad credit small business loan options can qualify for funding options whether long term or short funding requirement, with alternative finance, with our offerings with easy paperwork, no collateral, all credit histories, bad credit ok you will have money funded in your account within a few days and not years.

"CapVance will  save  our client  money without sacrificing  quality service  that is how  we have a  client for life"-                                                                                                                                                                 Bill O'Donnell, CEO and President